Optical Energy

Indices of refraction measurement in bulk materials (minimum deviation method) in visible and near IR frequencies (room temperature to 600oC) and in films (micro focused ellipsometer) at 633 nm.   
Linear and quadratic electrooptic coefficient measurement (Senarmont compensation and modified Mach-Zehnder method)   
High sensitivity Chynoweth dynamic pyroelectric and pyrooptic measurement system.   
He-Ne lasers, laser diodes and IR fiber lasers, high power CO2 (Edinburgh and Apollo) flowing gas laser, Nd:YAG laser (Spectra-Physics with phase lock and Quatronix with Q-switch) with SHG and THG output, and dye lasers (Sirah and Coherent) with pulsed and CW laser output.   
Optic/Microwave probe station equipped with micro-movement control, CCD camera and TV display, and adapted with micro-tweezers capable of precision handling of micron-sized samples and thin film samples.   

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